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The Catalyst Consulting Group, LLC is pleased to announce an article they authored entitled “M&A Value Creation: How to Make 1+1=4” has been accepted for publication in the CEO at The Boardroom Journal.  The journal provides thought provoking content aimed at business owners, Presidents, members of the C-Suite, and Boards of Directors.

The article discusses the following M&A best practices:

  1. Manage the M&A process cradle to grave like a chain with interdependent links
  2. Exercise restraint particularly during the early stages of chase
  3. Use a balanced, robust “due diligence” process
  4. Identify the value drivers early in the process and translate these into an M&A vision and scorecard
  5. Start detailed integration planning during due diligence
  6. Emphasize speed as a critical driver of success
  7.  Drive accountability
  8. Involve HR early in the process and make sure they can provide the higher value strategic M&A skills to address the organizational/people issues
  9. Use a formal integration playbook
  10. Aggressively utilize change management principles