HR Catalyst

Range of Services

  • Customer Requirements Analysis: Using our HR assessment instruments we can identify and prioritize internal client segments, assess their requirements, and evaluate their level of satisfaction with the Human Resources function.
  • Key Results/Capability Analysis: We can assist you in defining future key roles, core competencies and identify current skill gaps. Catalyst has a curriculum of education to facilitate the needed behavior change and knowledge transfer critical for HR transformation.
  • Performance Gap Analysis: CCG can quickly collect data to identify and strategically prioritize performance gaps and recommend immediate and longer-term solutions.
  • HR Strategy Development: Strategic alignment of the HR function is a key to being an effective strategic partner. We can help you develop an HR strategic business plan, create an HR functional value proposition, and identify the right balance of strategic vs. tactical service offerings.
  • Performance Metrics: Organization/people metrics are a challenge for most organizations. Based on Ronald Recardo’s book Corporate Performance Management we can translate your HR strategy into a “balanced scorecard” of predictive and trailing measures.
  • HR Process Redesign: Efficiency is a KSF for any staff function. We can evaluate key HR processes, determine their importance/satisfaction from the perspective of HR’s customer groups, and improve their efficiency.
  • Organization Design: Lastly, we can review and revise the HR structure and service delivery model to reduce costs and optimize the delivery of HR’s services.

Change Management

Scope of Services

  • Readiness Assessments: We quickly collect data via multiple channels to identify the appropriate timing for projects, key challenges/obstacles to overcome, and begin identifying design/roll-out issues.
  • Change Planning: We assist clients in developing an overall roadmap for change, determining project structure and governance, and developing the tools needed to design and successfully execute the initiative.
  • Communication: Assistance in this area usually includes a thorough understanding of the stakeholders that will be impacted by the change, the development of an engagement strategy to maximize commitment, and the design/implementation of targeted communications.
  • Organization Alignment: We can provide content expertise and facilitation to help organizations design and execute a total solution. Depending on the scope and complexity of the initiative we can provide a wealth of experience in such areas as leadership assessment and HR practices alignment.
  • Culture Change: Our culture alignment process is used to help senior management teams identify the specific cultural modifications that need to be implemented so the desired behavior change evolves over time.
  • Coaching: We work with all levels of management to provide actionable counsel on addressing the myriad of issues encountered during large-scale change. This can include such things as how to be an effective change sponsor, addressing resistance to change, and how to institutionalize change.
  • Education: Our curriculum of education is targeted to Steering Teams/senior management, intact project teams, and impacted stakeholders.

Leadership Effectiveness

Range of Services

  • Creating and Executing a Leadership Development Strategy: We assist your organization in defining the key leadership roles, development approaches, delivery options, target populations and key measures of success.
  • Talent Management Processes: Catalyst has developed a data base of best practices in talent management. We can assess your current process and develop action plans for improvement. We can also work with line managers and staff to design and implement customized talent management processes and tools to improve your selection, assessment and development practices.
  • Leadership Pipeline Definition: We can help to define the discreet levels of leadership responsibility, accountability, and results expected for all managers from those on the front line all the way up to those who occupy your C-Suite positions. This leadership and management “work architecture”  is the common basis for selection, performance management, assessment, development and coaching.
  • Customized Leadership Competency Models: CCG can assist you in creating a competency library, help to pinpoint the underlying competencies that distinguish top performing leaders at the C-Suite and at other critical managerial levels of your leadership pipeline as a basis for development efforts.
  • Succession Planning: We can design and implement a robust, business-driven succession management process. This can include key roles definition, incumbent and successor assessments, individual development planning, and key talent identification. This will enable senior executives to make more objective, informed decisions about candidates for key appointments. The result is better qualified leaders and continuity in key roles.
  • High Potential Development Programs: CCG has extensive experience designing and developing customized leadership development programs aligned with business priorities and candidate needs. These programs typically include a combination of action learning, team-based performance improvement projects, 360 degree feedback, and customized case studies.  


Scope of Solutions

  • Readiness Assessment: We utilize a number of instruments to confirm the most appropriate type (cross functional, task force, etc.) of team for a given company and identify design/implementation challenges.
  • Team Design and Implementation: We can provide coaching and content expertise in designing executive, self-directed, high performance, task forces and cross-functional teams.
  • Team Assessment: Based on Ronald Recardo’s book entitled “Teams Who Needs Them and Why”  we have developed a number of targeted diagnostics to quickly diagnose and improve team performance.
  • Executive Team Building: We can quickly assess how a leadership team is performing on a number of dimensions such as clarity of purpose/metrics, governance, structure, roles, decision rights, and team processes (e.g. how they make decisions). We can then work with the team to implement targeted recommendations for improving their effectiveness.
  • Education: We offer a wide range of team training programs such as Team Design, Team Assessment and Performance Improvement, Self Directed Work Teams, and High Performance Work Teams.