Ronald Recardo’s 30-year career spans being a keynote speaker, management consultant, a Professor at UCONN’s business school, an entrepreneur, member of 3 boards of directors, author of 8 books/70 articles, and a former corporate executive. He has been interviewed/quoted by a number of prestigious publications such as “Associated Press”, “Harvard Business Review”, “Industry Week”, “US News & World Report”, “MSNBC” and “CBS News” and has been a guest on several television/radio shows. If he didn’t have a provocative point of view and considerable thought leadership, these leading media outlets wouldn't be reaching out!

This podcast uses a business talk show format to interview entrepreneurs, business executives, key service providers (e.g., accountants, investment bankers) to share their experiences. Additionally, Ronald will share his war stories, tools, and research having worked with over 140 different companies across a range of sizes and industries. You will learn valuable tips for growing your business, improving performance, and addressing common organizational/people issues.

If you are tired of those “touchy feely”, academic, “hairy fairy”, conceptual podcasts, then this show is for you. Nothing but “business superstars” who have a track record of success!

Business Insider Today Episodes

Topic: Buying & Selling a Business

Podcast Interview: Devon Fleming, VP Mergers & Acquisitions, VR Business Sales 

Description:  Are you a small business owner who is either looking to sell your business or grow through acquisition? This informative interview will draw upon Devon’s twenty-five-year career that spans being a successful corporate executive, entrepreneur, and investment banker who has been involved in over 25 deals.

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Topic: Top 10 leadership attributes

Podcast Interview: Ronald Recardo

Description:  There are many articles and books written about leadership, but unfortunately, most are authored by academics who have never run a business.  Instead of our typical format of interviewing, Ronald Recardo will share the results of a recent research study The Catalyst Consulting Group LLC sponsored where they interviewed over 500 executives who were rated overall “outstanding”.  Learn what attributes separate the leaders who “walk on water” from those who are “treading water”.

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Topic: Fast Cycle Business Planning

Podcast Interview: Ronald Recardo

Description: Ronald has written 3 books and over 10 articles on the topic of strategic thinking, business planning, and growth. This podcast will share learning’s from leading many of these projects as well as examples of data collection/planning tools and templates.

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Topic: My Story – A Road to Success

Podcast Interview: Alex Halbur, Managing Partner – Prosper Group

Description: History is replete with successful executives leaving industry to start a new business and failing! This interview summarizes the personal experience of Alex Halbur who helped build and sell an advertising agency to Omnicom, started a consulting company that was wrought with personnel issues, and then started a very successful second consulting company without all the melodrama. 

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Topic: Creating a Performance Culture in Your Company
Podcast Interview: Fred Ventresca: Value Creation Partners
Description: Our guest Fred discusses actionable strategies for instilling a performance mindset throughout your organization. Our discussion addresses; 1) How to make sense of what’s going on in the front lines of your business, 2) How to build the processes needed to get your sales engine revved up, and 3) Aligning people into the right roles and with the proper incentives.

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Topic: How to Get Back in the Workforce Game

Podcast Interview: Fred Wergeles

Description: The University of Hartford's Entrepreneurial and Women’s Business Center is a place for Connecticut’s small business owners to turn when they need help. Fred will discuss how The Center provides business advising, technical assistance, educational programs, and networking events to aspiring and existing small businesses throughout Connecticut. During 2015, the EC assisted in 63 business startups, over $1m in capital infusion, the creation of 169 jobs, and the retention of 1287 jobs.

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Topic: Digital Marketing

 Podcast Interview: Jamie Mazur: Founding Partner, All Points Digital

Description: During this podcast Jamie will discuss how/why he decided to start a business in such a crowded space, what are the biggest mistakes he sees companies making with regards to digital marketing, the importance/proper use of “big data”, and what are some of the challenges B2C companies face today that they may not have dealt with five or ten years ago.

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