Strategic Planning

Range of Services:

  • Design Strategic Planning Processes – We custom design strategic planning processes to meet the unique needs of clients matching rigor with the demands of the business.
  • New Business Models – We work with senior management teams to design and execute new business models to drive the execution of your business plan.
  • Strategy Deployment – Depending on client needs we can provide a wide range of assistance from culture alignment and setting up a PMO to implementing strategic initiatives.
  • Functional Business Planning – We work with staff functions to develop their business plans so that they are tightly aligned to the overall strategic plan.
  • Education – We can design workshops for senior management teams and facilitate the strategic planning process using our proprietary methodology and tools. 

M&A Value Capture:

Range of Services:

  • M&A Playbooks: Catalyst can design a customized playbook with supporting data collection, decision support, and implementation tools that can be used to guide client efforts from due diligence through acquisition integration.
  • Due Diligence: Our consultants can augment your internal resources and provide operational and organizational due diligence support. The data can then be used to develop an integration strategy, synergy targets, and 100 day plan.
  • Integration Management Office (IMO): We can provide all the support a client needs from determining the appropriate type of integration structure, governance, and process to developing integration value drivers and targets.
  • Pre Integration Planning: During this phase of work we assist in identifying where and how synergies will be captured and begin planning for the myriad of change management issues that must be addressed to ensure success.
  • 100 Day Plan Execution: We can provide coaching and consulting expertise to assist Integration Teams in designing and implementing solutions that capture targeted synergies.
  • Education: CCG offers a customized curriculum of training for the Steering Teams, Integration Teams, and impacted stakeholders. Topics range from an overview on M&A principles to specialized training on integration methodology and tools.

Growth Assessment (for emerging companies)

Range of Assessment Areas

  • Brand & Strategy: We can help you answer the following questions. Do you have an identifiable brand? How strong is it? Do you have an appropriate business strategy?
  • Financial Model: We can review your financial model to help you better understand the business drivers that most directly impact the financial performance of your business. We can advise on tangible ways to improve your profitability, margins, and obtain top-line growth. We can also review your management reporting to ensure your managers have the financial information they need to make good decisions.
  • Organization Structure: We can work with your leaders to determine whether your business structure is tightly aligned to support your strategy and your business growth plans? Is there a plan for handling expansion while retaining coordination and control?
  • Internal Growth Channels: We have a number of proprietary tools for assessing your organizations capability with regard to innovation and the introduction of new products or services to the marketplace. Catalyst can help you enhance the “hit rate” of new products/services.
  • Marketing & Sales/Business Development: Catalyst can help you identify new uncontested markets as well as provide assistance regarding the 4 P’s of Marketing.
  • Talent/capabilities: Growth is highly dependent on having the appropriate talent throughout the organization. What are the key competency gaps across your organization?

Performance Measurement

Range of Services

  • Capabilities Assessment: We have a best practices database that we use to evaluate an organization’s performance measurement capabilities. We can then selectively enhance a client’s measurement capabilities to enhance organizational performance.
  • Performance Metrics Development: We can work with your staff to develop enterprise-wide, process, functional, and individual/team metrics. This process is typically rolled out using a number of cascading dashboards.
  • Performance Metrics System Alignment: Performance management systems work most effectively when they are closely integrated with the strategic planning and management reporting systems. We can quickly identify and correct any gaps to ensure optimal performance.
  • Metrics Alignment to Human Resource Practices: This can range from ensuring the metrics are tightly aligned to the performance management, recognition, and reward systems to assessing how well the metrics drive the desired cultural characteristics.
  • Education: We offer a curriculum of training programs that can assist clients in developing and more effectively utilizing performance metrics.