Organization Assessment

Range of Services

  • Financial Assessment: We can review your financial model and structure including the Finance function, core processes such as budgeting/financial controls, management reporting, working capital management, and compliance.
  • Supply Chain Assessment: Catalyst can evaluate the supply chain and develop strategies for Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP), alignment/execution, SCOR-based metrics, management effectiveness, organizational structure, and infrastructure including SC IT transformation.
  • IT Business Assessment: We can evaluate the capability of information systems, management, and technology across the following dimensions: governance, performance measurement and value demonstration, business continuity planning, co-source management, talent management, and business enablement.


Range of Services

  • Readiness Assessment: Using our diagnostic and assessment tools we work closely with your management team to quickly understand the “root cause” of your performance problems to confirm that restructuring will provide you with the intended performance benefits.
  • Analysis of the Current Structure: Drawing upon such things as a review of spans of control, process review, internal customer feedback, industry benchmarks, and best practices we will identify the strengths/weaknesses of your current structure.
  • Identification of Alternative Structures: We work with your management team to identify design principles and metrics that enable you to objectively evaluate alternative designs. We will “design out” the key weaknesses of your current structure and focus on realizing targeted improvements in headcount, operating costs, and operational flexibility.
  • Solution Design/Execution: Success is dependent on crafting a solution that addresses all of the ripple effects of change. This can include such things as aligning core/support processes, modifying appropriate Human Resource practices (e.g. performance metrics), talent retention, manpower redeployment, and engaging key stakeholders.
  • Education: We offer a customized curriculum of training on topics ranging from how to effectively sponsor a restructuring initiative to training on our proprietary restructuring methodology/supporting tools.

Process Redesign/Reengineering

Range of Services

  • Readiness Assessments: We assist clients in determining whether a process redesign or a reengineering project will address the root cause of their problem and help them through the initial project scoping process.
  • Design & Implementation Assistance: CCG can provide the full lifecycle of consulting support including.
    • The creation of a process architecture to identify all of your core and support processes and more importantly how those processes interface with each other
    • PMO support to properly organize and manage a project
    • Identification of process “best practices” which is very useful in getting individuals to think “outside of the box”
    • Identification of process improvements opportunities
    • Implementation support that may include clarification of new roles/responsibilities, piloting of the solution, and all relevant change management support
  • Education: We offer customized education for Steering Teams/Sponsors and intact project teams

Rapid Assessment & Value Enhancement (RAVE) For Emerging Companies

A typical RAVE assessment begins with the review of available documentation before a site visit. This includes a detailed review of the financials, the business plan, process documentation, internal management reports, customer feedback, and other available documentation.

Next, the RAVE team will complete a site visit for 2-5 days. The assessment will focus on key organizational and operational aspects with an overarching view toward increased profitability, revenue growth, and/or efficiency. The primary deliverables will be the creation of a “roadmap” for short, intermediate and longer-term improvements that will immediately begin to add value to the firm. Organizational and operational areas of focus include but are not limited to:

  • Current financing and capital structure
  • Business model/organization structure
  • Sourcing
  • Logistics/layout
  • Production/operations
  • Support processes/staff functions

We can also review essential elements tied to revenue-generation and top-line growth of the company. Examples of assessment criteria include:

  • Business plan
  • Leadership team – mix/capability
  • Growth opportunities – new markets, etc.
  • Sales/marketing/business development
  • Portfolio management/new product development
  • Potential alliances, partnerships, joint ventures, capital needs, etc.

Recommendations are generally “bucketed” into actionable short-term (60 days) and medium-term (6 months) solutions that tightly integrate the organizational/people, technology, and operational/process issues. The underlying goal is to achieve targeted benefits and make change “stick” – which is RAVE’s main value-driver. The last day includes an interactive feedback/action planning presentation with senior management and/or the Board of Directors.