We Believe In Time Based Competition. The Catalyst Consulting Group, LLC has a track record of being able to design and successfully implement solutions that realize significant financial results in 40% – 50% less time. If you can execute faster than your competition you realize the benefits sooner creating a margin that your competitors can never catch up with.

We Don’t Use Junior Staff.  Unlike the global consulting companies that rely on inexperienced staff to do much of the work, we employ a “zero leverage” model – the Partners do the work.  All of our consultants are either former corporate executives, successful entrepreneurs, or former partners who have worked in the large consulting companies.

Our Consultants Are Thought Leaders. Our partners have written eight books, 50+ white papers,  60+ articles and are sought after speakers.  Our methodologies, supporting tools, and education are not a repackaging of content already in the public domain. Our approach is applied and based upon our learning’s from hundreds of client projects. 

We Develop Strong Business Relationships Based on Honoring Commitments and Generating Results. We have a 20+ year track record of producing superior results for clients across a number of industries and have developed trusted partnerships with CEO’s, general managers, and the C-Suite.