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What to Say and Do When Your Employee Has Another Job Offer – Amy Gallo, Harvard Business Review

Case study #2: Address concerns if you can
One of the consultants at the Catalyst Consulting Group, a boutique professional services company, recently came to managing partner Ronald Recardo to tell him that he’d been offered a senior role in a private equity company.  Ronald was surprised because the man had been one of his “go-to” staff members and would soon be up for partner. So he asked him to meet for a drink and dinner to discuss his rationale for leaving. “The net of it was [that] he was very happy with the leadership we were providing, his compensation, and intellectual stimulation. The only issue for him was the frequency and distance of travel,” Ronald explains. Many of Catalyst’s consultants are on the road 80% of the time and this one was keen to start a family and spend more time with an elderly parent.

Because Ronald wanted to keep him, he got creative about changing his role. He asked the consultant, who was an exceptional writer, to focus on managing the firm’s blog, writing articles, and updating its marketing collateral — a shift that would reduce his travel by 25% and allow him to work from home two days a week. On those terms, he agreed to stay and Ronald thinks it will be a “win-win” for both sides.

A waiting game for companies hoping to do business in Cuba – Joyce M. Rosenberg, The Associated Press

Small and medium-sized businesses will be competing with big U.S. companies that want to trade with Cuba, but Contreras-Sweet expects smaller players will find opportunities with Cuban counterparts. In recent years, Cuba has started allowing people like small restaurant owners, real estate agents, house painters and home builders to work independently of the government.

As relations between the U.S. and the Castro government expand, the Cuban people are expected to demand a better standard of living, and that can create opportunities for American businesses, says Ronald Recardo, managing partner with Catalyst Consulting Group in Shelton, Connecticut. His company hopes to do business with Cuban companies.

“There’s a lot of people clamoring for something beyond a subsistence level for their families,” Recardo says.

7 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Business – Kayleigh Kulp, CNBC

1. Will demand exist for the business’ products and services for years to come?
Many buyers purchase companies based on their interests rather than whether they are viable moneymakers, such as when a foodie buys a restaurant, says Ronald Recardo, managing partner of the business consultancy Catalyst Consulting Group.

“If you chase the wrong rabbit and buy the wrong business, it doesn’t matter how smart you are. You might not be able to bring it back,” he says.

Here’s How to Survive Working for a Toxic Boss – Robin Madell, Yahoo Finance & U.S. News & World Report 

One effective strategy is working closely with your boss, utilizing your own skills to make him or her look better and talking them up, says Ronald Recardo, managing partner of the Catalyst Consulting Group, a management consulting company. “Strategies around a boss not being trustworthy include summarizing your discussions and having as many communications as possible take place in writing so there is a paper trail,” says Recardo. “It’s also important to identify who besides your boss is key to your own success, and develop relationships with these individuals.”

Experts Weigh In: How are you growing your business? – Deborah Sweeney,

We are using different channels to enhance our lead generation and revenues. The most promising include developing alliances and partnerships with other companies to generate demand for each other and cross sell and more aggressively use social media. We’ve also begun a very robust effort on public relations. We are a management consulting company and we have booked ourselves on several radio and TV programs, have been quoted by several outlets that will come out over the next 2 months, and have continues to author books and articles.

Say What? Most CHROs Don’t Come From HR – Lin Grensing-Pophal,

As both an HR executive and a partner-level consultant, Ronald Recardo has a unique perspective on the subject. Though Recardo, managing partner of The Catalyst Consulting Group, LLC, thinks the Aon study is flawed (“It represents a snapshot in time and is reflective of their sample characteristics”), he acknowledged the “general trend of more and more CHROs coming from outside HR.

But why, exactly? “HR in most companies is still perceived as an administrative, tactical, and touchy-feely function,” says Recardo. In many organizations, he says, it takes on too much of an employee advocate role instead of finding a balance between being both an employee and a business advocate. The result: lack of credibility across the organization.

Also, many HR professionals lack an understanding of business. They understand the specialties of HR: compensation, training, employee relations, etc. But, says Recardo, they “don’t understand how the organization makes money and how HR can impact that.” They can’t, he says “even read an income statement.

15 Entrepreneurs Explain How They Came Up With Their Business Name –

When I founded the firm in 1993 management consulting companies tended to use a leverage model (the junior staff did most of the work) and projects were multi-phased often lasting months to years. I selected the name The Catalyst Consulting Group, LLC because in chemistry a catalyst makes a reaction happen faster. I built and grew a business with the key differentiator being speed. Our projects will begin to have a financial or operational impact within the first 90 days. This builds momentum and reduces the cost of the professional services.