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On February 23rd Ronald Recardo was a guest on the top rated Big Biz television show that is on Biz Talk Radio/TV Network. The show is simulcast on over 60 different radio affiliates, is heard on Armed Forces Radio in 175 countries and is simulcast on network television in over 44 million broadcast homes daily.

“I have been on a fair number of radio/TV shows but the combination of Bob “Sully” Sullivan a long time radio host and quasi investment banker who has assisted more than 200 companies obtain investment capital and Russ T Nailz a pseudo comedian kept the interview fast paced. The hardest part of the interview was to keep from laughing at Russ T Nailz quick witted humor”, said Ronald Recardo, Managing Partner of The Catalyst Consulting Group LLC.

The interview focused on a recent survey The Catalyst Consulting Group LLC completed with over 200 very high performing leaders. The purpose of the study was to determine:

  1. The most critical leadership “derailers”
  2. Identify the most critical attributes that separated leaders who “walk on water”, “tread water” and who are “under water and have drowned”