For Further Information:
Ronald J. Recardo (860) 518-3583

According to Charlie Araujo, Founder & CEO of IDT “There is a critical need to create organizations and leaders who are comfortable operating with uncertainty and who can rapidly evolve their operating models to adapt to changing markets and directions. That is transformational leadership.”

And so IDT was founded with a mission:

  • To help develop the next generation of transformational, digital leaders who can transform our organizations for the digital era. 

Ronald Recardo, Managing Partner of The Catalyst Consulting Group, LLC is a recognized thought leader on topics ranging from business planning and M&A to business transformation.  He is one of approximately 10 other Fellows that are asked to:

  • Create industry and custom research
  • Author eBooks & white papers
  • Facilitate webinars
  • Speak at conferences and corporate events
  • Deliver advisory services

According to Ronald Recardo the Managing Partner of CCG, “I am honored to be part of such a distinguished group and look forward to helping IDT to achieve its very important mission”